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Project Description
This is the homepage for the open source Provisioning Engine for telecos.

The provisioning Engine is built on following Microsoft technologies:

-.Net 3.5
-SQLServer 2005

This project is still in the initial version and has to developed into a fully blown up version.

This product once complete, would be an alternate for Microsoft CSF 3.0 or MS SDP 2009.

Business Case:

For most of the telecos in the world it is highly essential to have a generic datadriven Provisioning Engine in order to deliver products quickly to the market. If this has to be accomplished we need a highly generic,scalable and reliable provisioning Engine. This solution aims to provide a means to achieve the final objective.

Note: Please wait for the first release. It might take a couple of months for the first release. The design documents will be shared shortly and any comments are invited.

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